Unexpected solutions to complex problems

Design Ideas offers our clients the opportunity to explore their ideas through our unique design process


We are continuously investigating mainstream, uncommon and avant-garde technologies from many diverse fields of study


Our expertise in advanced materials, manufacturing methods, biological structures and anthropological paradigms allows us to find analogous systems and characteristics in previously unrelated areas


The ideal product is realized through the balance of material, design and function

TECHNICAL Research and Development

Our specialty is to develop marketable designs with your proprietary materials and processes

Design of experiments and manufacture of custom equipment

Patent expansion through variation analysis and concept creation

Feasibility analysis for the validation of product concepts or processes

CAD modeling and component production

Failure analysis

Advanced microscopy studies

Material strength and fatigue testing






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Environmentally Focused

Product Design

Concept creation and exploration

Feasibility studies and ecological analysis

3D CAD Modeling and Specification

Prototype Manufacturing and Production Sourcing